The Fabulous, Free Things To Do In New York City Never Cease To Amaze Me!

23 May

Yesterday was a gray, dreary day – yet Hubby suggested we walk North on the Hudson River Park to Riverside Park.

We started out near home at The Intrepid, the aircraft carrier that is now a museum – docked at Pier 86, West 46th Street and 12th Avenue. Of course, it costs money to tour the museum (well worth it!), but you can view it from the outside all you want, for free.

It’s also near where the mighty cruise ships dock, and it was fun watching all the excited people on Sunday morning getting ready to board and take off on their cruise.

Next, the walk opened up to a lovely lawn, and these beautiful redwood trees.

As we walked on, we saw a sculpture shaped like a giant bottle lying on its side. As we looked inside, we saw that it was actually a tine “house” – complete with galley kitchen, bathroom and living room!

A bit further, there was a pier with free kayaking!

Completely free for the taking! All that they ask of you is that you know how to swim.

Despite the gray day, there were quite a few people taking advantage of the offer.

At about 59th Street, we stopped to admire the Con Edison Building and its tall smokestack. The building reminds me of the big Post Office Building on 8th Avenue.

The walkway is wonderful – it feels like you’re really out in nature – on a sunny day it must be a real draw for joggers, families, lovers…

We passed several soccer games, softball games and little league games.

At another pier, there was a small festival celebrating good health. There was a stage set up where several teachers were giving free aerobic classes – and other booths giving away miniature yoga mats for kids.

Be sure to check out the Parks’ websites – links above – during the summer they have free concerts, and free movies!

When we go to the 79th Street Boat Basin, we stopped to speculate who owned the boats, and which ones were full-time homes.

Then, we walked up a block away from the river to stroll along Riverside Drive, and to admire the old glorious homes along the Drive.

And then, Hubby – ever the celebrity spotter – spotted Elliott Gould.

Ah, the things you can do for free in New York City – all of this, without spending a dime!

And, tomorrow, I am going to the Apple Store on Spring Street – to hear Ann Leary (the lovely and talented wife of Denis Leary) interview Susan Orlean, who just wrote a biography on the famous German Shepherd Rin Tin Tin.

And again – it’s free!




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