9th Avenue Food Festival In NYC This Weekend – A Must-Do Event!

12 May

Yes, it’s that time again.

I look forward to this all year, and when I hear the special weekend is pending, I get all tingly with excitement.

I used to make excuses for myself, “Yes I am pedestrian”, “It’s happening in our neighborhood, so why not…”

BUT NOW, I openly embrace it – I’ll shout it from the rooftop:

This weekend (5/14/11 & 5/15/11) is the 9th Avenue Food Festival here in New York City.

Their website (link above – check it out!) says:

“In 1973, the International Food Festival was organized. This event, gives the Association an opportunity to raise additional funds. Every year, profits from the Festival go back into the neighborhood through community programs, scholarship, children’s programs, activities for seniors and holiday giveaways to needy families and neighborhood churches.”

I say:

“Eating, Drinking and Being Merry” is one of my favorite activities. Put this in my neighborhood (Hell’s Kitchen) and combine it with music, people-watching, and photographing the fun – and I AM SO THERE.

You should be, too.

There are the restaurants along 9th Avenue which set up shop on the street, and other  vendors come from near and far – setting up all along 9th Avenue from about 42nd Street to 57th Street – mostly food (everything you can imagine – International and local, dinner plates, big bites or bite-sized snicky-snacks) but also booths with plants, clothing, jewelry, etc.

Some of the restaurants set up outdoor seating areas, where you can enjoy a beverage (no alcoholic beverages are allowed outside of their designated area) – I particularly enjoy the Sangrias at Eatery – and people watch.

From about 11am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday (rain or shine) you can wander the street, sampling the varied and delicious foods, and enjoy a New York City tradition that is celebrating it’s 38th year.

They say a picture speaks a million words. Here are some photos that I have snapped over the past few years during the Food Fests.

The Avenue will get awfully crowded. It may be a good idea to skip breakfast and get started early.

There is Greek food:

Spanish grilled meat:

Fried onions:

Lots of corn:

which gets turned into this:

and lots of apples:

which get turned into these:

You can get a freshly filled cannoli:

Froggy likes the sweet potato fries:

and he LOVES the corn cakes with mozzarella:

You can watch belly dancers, and do the dance yourself, if you’d like:

You’ll likely see others dancing, as well:

Mr. Sexy Soul Oldies is a crowd favorite every year:

There’s always some mighty fine people watching:

Fun for the kids:

Always some good dog watching:

And if you’re lucky, maybe even some cat watching:

YUM. I can’t wait. I think I’ll have one of everything!

I hope to see you there!




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