Obama’s Visit To The Fire Station In NYC (My Near Miss)

6 May

Yesterday President Obama visited New York City to visit Ground Zero, and also to visit a Fire Station in Midtown, which is near our apartment.

This particular fire station was hard hit on 9-11; it lost 15 fire fighters on that day.

This neighborhood also houses a branch of my bank, and my favorite Mexican restaurant, so I decided to try to kill 3 birds with 1 stone. I headed East.

The was an interprising man selling tee-shirts.

and quite a media frenzy at the fire house

But, it was the aftermath. I had just missed President Obama.  : (

The real media frenzy was across the street.

This was where the cameras had set up, to capture the reporters reporting, with the fire station behind them.

When you watch the news on TV, you see Your Reporter, reporting the action. Just the one reporter, with their story on that action.

What you don’t see, are all of the other reporters, cameras, producers, etc. that are almost shoulder to shoulder with Your Reporter.

Like this:

The woman in the red coat (standing on the crate) on the left is a reporter, the man on the far right (face obscured, with foot up on case) is a reporter, and the man in the blue shirt in the middle right is a fire captain being interviewed.

All of this action, but no Obama. My near miss.

After eating some nachos with extra jalapeños (in honor of Cinco de Mayo), I headed back home. On my block, I saw this:

The TV show “White Collar” had been filming in our neighborhood the previous day. Another near miss!

Dang it. Matt Bomer had played the character “Bryce Larkin” on my favorite spy show “Chuck“, and I also enjoy his show “White Collar“.

I would have enjoyed seeing them filming in our neighborhood. Off by a day – Dang it!

But, when I got home, I was greeted by this:

My Mom and Dad had sent to Hubby and me some Honest-To-God, real Vidalia Onions. YUM! We look forward to these every spring.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

And also, these lovely flowers greeted me:

The geraniums are doing wonderful things out in their window box.

And, my chives are starting to sprout!

Gardening success!

Maybe, I’ll have to try to grow a pot of  jalapeños!




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