3 May

I saw this picture this morning and I just had to “borrow” it:

Thanks for the image from this site, which calls Obama the “Chuck Norris of American Presidents”.

I generally stay away from politics, in life and in blogs, but the whole Donald Trump thing has rubbed me the WRONG WAY.

Is he simply attention-hungry, or is he serious??

’nuff said about that.

The lovely and talented photographer Ben Baker has photographed President Obama on several occasions, once getting this terrific shot and then the next time, taking it to his shoot to  be autographed by the president

Hubby and I are Proud to have a print of this photograph signed by the photographer hanging in our living room.

I am Proud of our President, and those Navy SEALs, and the researchers, and everyone who work so tirelessly.

I once knew a “spy” (my term). He was the brother of an old boyfriend. He couldn’t tell us what he did, but today I think about him and I wonder.

I also wonder… do you think Mrs. Obama knew what was going down?

I know this isn’t the end of terrorism, and I don’t like to take pleasure in violence and death, but I have to admit that I am Glad.

And again, Proud.

As is Sammy.

And Froggy.

High five, Mr. President.




2 Responses to “OBAMA!”

  1. Ellen Girone May 3, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

    Hi Sherrie,

    High fives all the way around!!! I know exactly what you mean by being happy about violence and death but I have to say I’m REALLY happy about this for Obama. He needed this big win. He’s got a great resume item there! I put that same picture on my facebook profile. Says it all doesn’t it with these idiot birthers and ego maniac Trump! Very fitting that Obama’s announcement about this cut into Trump’s show as he was going to fire someone! There’s some great karma going on here! Talk to you soon.


  2. sallanscorner May 4, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    You speak the truth, dear friend!!! Thanks for the great comment.

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