The Royal Wedding – Just Like You Were There!

29 Apr

So, did you get up early to watch the Royal Wedding on TV?

Or, were you ACTUALLY there??

If not, stay tuned!

I took a few pictures – and because you asked so nicely – I will share them with you.

Just like you were there!


Kate had to get to the church on time. If not? Off With Her Head!

(Not really.)

(I don’t know what would have happened if she arrived late – they didn’t say.)

But she didn’t.

Pippa is there already, with the other Bridesmaids.

Kate arrives at the Abbey

and makes Pippa do the heavy lifting.

As she enters the abbey, Kate does look lovely.

Kate and her Dad walk and walk and walk down the aisle

Westminester Abbey is over-the-top, outrageously, incredibly gorgeous

Finally, the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be meet at the altar

The Queen looks like she doesn’t like Prince Philip’s singing

William and Kate make a very handsome couple

Here they are trothing.

How cute. The Bishop had notes on his speech. At least he didn’t scribble them on his hand, like some people…

Uh-oh…the ring doesn’t fit!!

Whew! That was awkward…

The Queen NEVER seems to smile, does she?

By the way, just look at these hats!

Do you think that CBS planned this shot?

The commentator talked a little about these priceless, Italian silver plates and goblets

Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine Elizabeth, The Duchess of Cambridge.

The wedding party procession exit

Look at that “cat that ate the canary” smile…

The open carriage, with the beautiful “Windsor Grey” horses

On the road to the castle, the Price gives a royal wave to his adoring crowd of commoners

Nice aerial view of Big Ben and the palace

the procession of royal horses, chariot and guards

the castle


and getting out of the carriage

(I’d have tripped right about there!)

The band on the street – I always wondered about balancing those hats.

The Bobbies and crowd control

Finally, the Royal Family on the balcony

The happy couple

The kiss

And another!

“Goodbye! Goodbye!!”

The adoring crowd

Wow! And I thought Times Square was bad!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this recap of today’s Royal Wedding.

After watching it live, and now recreating it for you, I am slightly over it.





2 Responses to “The Royal Wedding – Just Like You Were There!”

  1. Johnny D April 29, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

    Great shots! You saved me the price of a trip to London!
    Seriously though, the coverage was amazing and I would have watched more of it if a four-legged feline friend of mine hadn’t woken me up at 4 a.m. Maybe he wanted to watch the coverage too!

    • sallanscorner April 29, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

      Thanks – for some strange reason I enjoy taking tv-paparazzi photographs!

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