Seedy NYC – 8th Avenue

22 Apr

Today is Earth Day, and I wanted to do a take-off on The Today Show’s “Where In The World Is Matt Lauer” – but I have to scan in some pictures so I will complete that and will post tomorrow. Be sure to tune in – it will be a guessing game.

There might even be prizes!

So for today, I will celebrate Earth Day by examining a slightly seedy side of Manhattan – a couple of blocks of 8th Avenue near our stomping ground.

It used to be a whole lot seedier than it is now.

But, thanks to a great website that Hubby recently reminded me of – “Forgotten New York” – by which I am greatly inspired – I took a walk along 8th Avenue and snapped a few pictures along the way.

Here some are, for your viewing pleasure – in great HDR.

Times Square has been cleaned up, but there are still quite a few peep shows to be found.

Any thing you want; hats, a hair cut, or a new tattoo?

Inside the new New York Times lobby:

Another peep show:

The new Times Square’s Shake Shack (YUM!):

Smith’s Bar and Grill:

Peep show #3:

And some more transformation – and politics – conspiracy theories:

There you have it my friends, a lovely stroll down 3-4 blocks of 8th Avenue in midtown, Manhattan.

Check out the great “Forgotten NY” website (link above), and check back tomorrow for the game of “Where On The Earth Is SAllan?“.




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