Another Sunday In New York (Or, Fun Things To Do In NYC)

19 Apr

Hubby and I had another fun Sunday In New York. It is ALMOST Spring – even if it is still a bit windy and chilly.

We wanted to get outdoors.

And we didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

Hubby suggested walking south along the Hudson River. And then along the High Line. And then he’d treat us to lunch at my Very Favorite Restaurant.

I was all over that idea!

The city has been making the River Walk along the Hudson River into a destination, with lanes for cyclers and lanes for walkers.

This link will tell you a bit about the piers along the river – it’s a little outdated, but still very interesting!

Off we went!

We had walked north before, but it’s been a long time since we headed south. We saw some great and new (to us) things.

Look at this fantastic paddle wheel:

While admiring this, I pointed over there, “What’s that?”

Hubby said, “I don’t know – let’s go see.”

One pier south, it looked like a giant, cast iron skillet.

Hubby seldom misses an opportunity to pose for me. Isn’t he a good hubby?

Turns out, this Pier 66 at 26th Street is home to a Lightship called The Frying Pan. Click the link to read all about it. It’s like a Light House, but it’s a Ship – hence, “Lightship”. Who knew??

There is also a large bar/restaurant area – which is not open yet, but will be soon, when the weather gets a *little* warmer. But, the whole pier is open to the public, even the restaurant area, and we took advantage of that opportunity to explore.

I said, “I smell wood burning!” So, we investigated a little bit more, and then we met the chef – who was there in preparation of the opening. He was burning some charcoal in his grill. He said they’d be opening on May 1st, and they are a HOT SPOT at night with the younger crowd! He said something to imply that I’d be happier coming earlier in the day. Hmph!

But, he was very nice despite that comment. (And, he’s likely correct in that assessment.)

So, I look forward to going on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, sitting there watching the paddle wheel go around with a glass of wine in hand. Can’t think of a better way to spend a summer afternoon!

But for now, it was time to continue our journey.

We debated – love it or hate it? – about Frank Gehry’s IAC Building:

What do you think? Hubby does not like it, and he thinks that it’s disrespectful to the neighborhood. I do like it – it’s whimsical to me, and now looking at it, I think it looks like a sailing ship.

Back on the river side of the walkway, here’s an ex-pier:

All too soon, we were at 14th Street, and time to head a bit East to The High Line.

My camera battery was low, and I wanted to save it so I could show you my Very Favorite Restaurant, so these couple of pictures are from another High Line walk I took a couple of months ago:

It was actually very crowded when we were there on Sunday, unlike these earlier pictures.

I did have to turn on my camera, to capture a shot of this Spaceman who was there on Sunday:

Just your every day High Line walker!

When we got to the end of the High Line, we climbed down the stairs and headed to 23rd Street and 8th Avenue – the location of my Very Favorite Restaurant. I want to live there.

It’s called The Trailer Park Lounge & Grill. It has been voted by The Food Network as “one of the 6 kitschiest restaurants in America”.

Like I say, I could move right in.

Every inch of space is taken up with memorabilia – signs, lights, books, toys, paintings, records, vintage furniture, a bowling alley (!)

They play groovy music

Hubby thinks it’s somewhat of a sacrilege what they did to the black-velvet portrait of Marilyn, but I find it hysterical! Click on the photo to enlarge it.

And, their burgers aren’t too shabby, either.

Guess who gets the veggie burger with sweet potato fries?

And guess who gets the turkey burger with Tater Tots?

Oh My. Tater Tots. TATER TOTS.

(I had to just let that out.)

When you are at the Trailer Park Lounge & Grill, you can even Test your Love Sizzle.

Oh well, I guess it’s time to leave… (sob.)

As my camera battery was by now almost completely dead, no pictures were taken on the walk home, with the exception of this one:

Once home, we were wiped out by all that walking. We probably walked about 4+ miles. We had no choice but to settle in and watch about 3 episodes from the season 4 of Mad Men.

What a nice day. Thanks, Hubby!




2 Responses to “Another Sunday In New York (Or, Fun Things To Do In NYC)”

  1. Johnny D April 19, 2011 at 11:10 am #

    Wow! What a big old heaping helping of great photos!

    I didn’t know that the Food Network had such high praise for Trailer Park, which, incidentally folks, got its name because the owner bought an actual trailer on eBay and installed it into one of the restaurant’s walls!

    • sallanscorner April 19, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

      Thanks for the additional detail – I didn’t include the picture of the trailer – next time!

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