Tone Mapping

9 Apr

HDR processing on photographs is a popular yet controversial technique. It basically merges several images taken in rapid succession at different exposures, to achieve a final image with proper exposure in both highlights and shadows. On top of that, you can then apply different styles of processing to alter the color, saturation, “grunginess”, etc.

Personally, I’m getting a big kick out of playing around with it lately.

I have also discovered that you can “Tone Map” a single image, and apply processing to it.

I wouldn’t dare attempt this first on anyone else.

The results can be somewhat frightening.

So, I volunteer myself as my first guinea pig.

Oh. My. Gosh.

(I just did a Google Image Search for “guinea pig”. They have to be the most adorable creatures on earth!)

Well, I’ve just ruined the potential enjoyment of the intended photos for today’s blog.

But, I must soldier on…

As I was saying, I have volunteered myself as the first victim of Tone Mapped Portraits.

Let’s start when I was very young, and had no control over my personal appearance. School Portrait Time:

I *MIGHT* resemble a guinea pig, if they had large, protruding teeth!


MOM! Ouch! I really hated sleeping on those gigantic curlers! And now, it’s my vampire-like eye teeth that are protruding.

(Looking up phone numbers of orthodontists…)

Jumping forward a few years:

(Note to self: baby blue eye shadow and shiny silver braces do not play nicely together! And, when are you going to do something about those eyebrows?!)

The next school portrait:

You know, those eyebrows will NEVER grow back…

Out of school now, so a couple of self-portraits:


Well, I lived through it.

I’ve Tone Mapped myself – who will be my next victim?

Hmmmm… next?




One Response to “Tone Mapping”

  1. Johnny D April 11, 2011 at 10:23 am #

    My favorite is the second photo of you. The picture has a nice glow to it.

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