Some Of The Grandfather Mysteries Solved!

8 Apr

Well, thanks to a very intrepid fellow from the Chanute High School in Kansas, we have solved a couple of deep mysteries.

Let’s call this fellow My Wonderful Detective.

I’ve been trying to figure out some things about my Mom’s Dad; I have this photo but couldn’t ID my Grandfather.

I had nothing much to go on.

Then I had the brilliant idea that, since I knew that my Grandfather had lived in the town of Chanute, Kansas during his early years, that the “CHS” on the basketball must stand for “Chanute High School”. (Not really brilliant – in other words, DUH! Why didn’t I think of this sooner??!)

I looked it up on The Internets, and yes! That school exists, and had been established in 1914.

A few days ago, I called the high school. A VERY nice man, who works with the alumni, has been researching this for me from the school, for several days now.

We didn’t know which years my Grandfather attended the school, other than he was supposed to be in the above photograph, in 1920.

At first my Wonderful Detective wrote back that he couldn’t find any information. The school was missing several of their earlier yearbooks.

I wrote that I was very disappointed, but thanked him very much for his efforts. Then I emailed him again with a couple additional questions/leads. I wondered if perhaps one of the players could be one of my Grandfather’s brothers instead of my Grandfather. I gave their names, and asked if other yearbooks could be checked?

My Wonderful Detective didn’t want to give up. He said he’d keep looking.

Yesterday I received an exciting email from him.

He found my Grandfather in the 1924 Yearbook!

Here is the Basketball page:

And here is his class page:

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

He’s called “Foggie”, and it says that “He certainly agrees nicely with himself”.

Which could be interpreted in a couple of different ways, but I’ll just let that slide…

He was very athletic – was on the basketball team for 4 years (captain for 2 years), and was on the track team for 4 years (captain for 2 years) and on the gym team for 2 years.

(My Mom wrote me an email recently saying “I remember one newspaper story about the great aim and accuracy of George Fogg. He demonstrated it while in a diner, winding up and pitching a hard roll right through a window.”)

(HA! I hope it was an OPEN window!)

He was class president 1 year.

I’m very happy to have these little details about my beloved Grandfather.

Look at his 1924 basketball photo, and his senior photo. Do we all agree that he’s the fellow on the top right in the 1920 photo?

Thanks to “Guesser” and “Johnny D” for figuring this out! “Guesser” charmingly wrote:

“My money is on the fellow in the far right standing. This is my conclusion after several minutes comparing him with grandpa in his college basketball picture, examining the hairline (slightly higher on his left, sloping down on his right side), the ears (adorably protrusive), nose and eyebrows and mouth. It looks like he had a real growth spurt somewhere between high school and college too! Did I guess right?”

There are still some mysteries about my Grandfather, but at least this one has been solved.


Now, my Grandmother seems to have been athletic, as well…

She’s the gal at the top of this pyramid:

RATS! No school initials are in this photograph!

Guess I’ll have to do a little research…




5 Responses to “Some Of The Grandfather Mysteries Solved!”

  1. Johnny D April 8, 2011 at 10:23 am #


    • sallanscorner April 8, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

      Thanks – it’s a great feeling to find something like this!

  2. doose April 8, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    This is so great!!! Thank you, WOW Moose


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