Gotta Get Me A Geranium Fix!!

7 Apr

Yesterday I took the heavy lining out of my jacket.

The day before that I went to the gym in a tee shirt and pants, with no jacket at all.

I’m insisting on it being Spring.

Right NOW.

That means planting geraniums in my window box.

Here’s my window box sometime last summer:

And, here it is, today:

(Yikes! The two pictures vary greatly – and not just because of the geranium – or lack thereof. The top picture was shot through a somewhat grimy glass window, and the bottom picture was shot through the open window with a bit of HDR processing added. Again, the debate on which you like best continues…)

Anyway – the point at hand is – I gotta get me a geranium fix!

Went to the local gardening center – no geraniums.

Went to the Flower District in NYC – no geraniums.

Lots of other purty flowers:


but, no geraniums.

Then I went to the local Home Depot – guess what?

No geraniums.

The salesperson actually looked a little disdainful at my foolish, premature quest and said, “not until end of April, at least”.

So, I ended up walking home, somewhat sad and definitely empty-handed.

Then about half a block from our apartment, I saw this curbside:

“What’s that?” I asked myself. I took a closer look.

Yep. Someone was just yesterday putting their Christmas trees out on the curb for garbage removal.

And, the trees actually still look fresh.

Maybe it’s not quite Spring here in New York City, after all.





One Response to “Gotta Get Me A Geranium Fix!!”

  1. Johnny D April 7, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    Patience, grasshopper.

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