Go Fish

27 Mar

I consider myself an animal lover, but for a while way back when, I enjoyed the sport of fishing.

I was actually quite good.

Here I am with my first catch.

Not just one, either!

Looks like I was the only one in my fishing party that day who had any luck.

“Too bad, guys!”

“Better luck, next time!”

I’m pleased as Punch! I just can’t take my eyes off of these beauties.

Here I am, a number of years late, surf casting. I enjoyed catching them with barbless hooks, and throwing them back in the water.

But then, a number of years later, I ran into this big dude

He was getting me back for all of the misery I caused to those fish years ago.

So, now I just get my fish here

In fact, Hubby and I are going to have a nice fish dish tonight for dinner.

But, I don’t think I’ll be joining these guys any time soon, down in Coney Island




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