Strange And Wonderful Things Happened Here

26 Mar

I grew up in a strange and mysterious place. I think I’ve mentioned it before.

Beautiful, I know.

But yes, some strange things happened there.

Very strange.

I’ve not talked about these things publicly before.

Somehow, today, I am compelled to open up and share some very strange and frightening images.

Images of mutated people, unusual natives with colorful bonnets-on-wires, with exotic flowers sprouting from mouths and ears

Strange Martian-like people with green extremedies

An unlikely world where rows and rows of flowers blossomed, and denim after denim sprouted in thin air

Where loud-mouthed, dog-like creatures danced jigs in the sky

and odd little men-like natives followed suit

People traveled in silly, tiny vehicles which were born from pine sap

or, sillier, tinier two-wheeled contraptions

3-legged, vicious beasts were born from cardboard boxes

Women-creatures had cup-like noses, which was considered a thing of beauty (these women-creatures were constantly surrounded by admiring men-creatures)

That World was metal and curved and not of this World

Like any fairy tale, it had to end

One day it vanished

and pretended to never have had existed…


I know better.




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