21 Mar

This past weekend, we enjoyed the company of a Supermoon.

Yes, you did too – even if you didn’t know it.

A Supermoon occurs when the full moon is the closest to the Earth. It appears larger, and well… Super.

Thus, Supermoon.

Wikepedia says that the “Earth, Moon and Sun are all in a line, with Moon in its nearest approach to Earth”.

I wanted to get some pictures of this Supermoon. I read that seeing it early, low on the horizon, would serve to seeing it at it’s largest, so I headed east around 7:45 PM.

I didn’t see it until I got to 2nd Avenue

and there weren’t really any buildings around it for scale.

So, it kind of looks like a Normalmoon instead of a Supermoon.

So, as much as I loved the Supermoon, I was slightly disappointed by my choice of timing.

But, I had lugged along the tripod, and the long lens, so I set up next to the FDR Drive, and I shot the moon.

Here it is, blown up to show all of it’s Super Glory:

And here it is, far outshining the streelights of Manhattan

Here is the shot I had HOPED to get. Since I couldn’t get it while I was out, I achieved it on my computer – by shamelessly compositing two pictures together. I shot The Chrysler Building on Saturday night, and I shot the Supermoon on Saturday night, and I composited them together today:

I end with a Moon Map from 1645 by Johannes Hevelius, thanks again to Wikipedia:

La Luna!




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