Old Landmarks No More

4 Mar

The other day I read in The Wall Street Journal that this neighborhood store was being sold.

It’s been in Hell’s Kitchen since the late 1800’s. An Italian Grocery. Story is that the brothers had a huge family feud and haven’t spoken in 30 years. Truth to tell, the proprietors here are well-known as being extremely rude. Hubby had his own experience here, but that’s a blog for another day.

Regardless, I’m sorry to see them go. This type of store is becoming an extinct creature here in New York City.

While browsing my photos to decide on today’s topic, I found more and more images of “Old Landmarks No More”, so here are some more of them.

Music venues. Ouch. They are hurting bad.

Very sad to see Tramps go belly up. Hubby and I met here.

Speaking of Hubby, here he is in front of CBGB’s – which of course is no more.

And, this was the scene in front of CBGB’s on the day of it’s last show. There were lots of mourners out front.

And The Bottom Line! Who could believe that this NYC landmark could ever close?!

Tower Records is defunct.

Border’s Books are closing left and right.

Even sadder, small independent booksellers like Gotham Book Mark are no more.

Restaurants are having a hard time of it.

Kraft Steakhouse is no more – I miss their neon signs.

Howard Johnson’s in Times Square is gone.

Our wonderful Cupcake Cafe is no longer here. It did relocate, but the charm of the old place can never be replicated.

And the lovely Empire Diner is no more.

Bigger institutions, too, have gone away.

There are not too many of the peep shows in Times Square anymore.

Speaking of Times Square, even The New York Times isn’t in this building anymore.

And The Fulton Fish Market, downtown?




And, wouldn’t I be remiss if I didn’t mention the Twin Towers?




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