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1 Mar

We had a brief yet intense Sammy Scare the other day.

Hubby called me into the room. “Sammy’s tongue is sticking out! Something is wrong!”

“Well, what did you do?” I asked. “You must have done something to make him stick his tongue out at you!”

“I did nothing! And Sammy would never stick his tongue out like that.” Hubby retorted. “He’s always very aware of things like this.”

“Like what?” I wondered.

“Well, like if his ear is turned inside out. He’s very aware!” Hubby insisted. “Something is wrong!”

“I wonder if he was cleaning himself, and it just got stuck?” I theorized.

Well friends, we may never know. Hubby implemented the tried-and-true, all time cure – FOOD

And Sammy’s Tongue Scare was a thing of the past.

Sammy went to take a nap, his tongue nicely ensconced.

But Hubby and I will never forget, and will continually be fearful of viewing ever again:





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