Ancient Memories

24 Feb

This morning, as I crossed the street returning from the gym, I saw something that brought back Ancient Memories.

Do you need a closer look?

Now, this won’t strike anyone as unusual, interesting or strange – except for me and my immediate family. Mom and Pop and Sis.

My first boyfriend had a *very* similar name.

I won’t say what.

But close enough.

I dated him back in 1975. For a few months. Then we went our separate ways. I actually gave him the heave-ho. Not even knowing then what we would soon learn…

Here was my school picture that year:

I was about 15 years old.

Here he is strangling me. Or was it a neck massage? I don’t remember…

Who can name that barbaric instrument that sits before me? Can everyone say “typewriter”?

Here we are at his high school prom.

You see, he worked at my father’s greenhouses.

I worked there, too. After school and on weekends.

My sister worked there, too. It was an All-In-The-Family kind of thing.

Here are some of the other crew who worked there at about this time:

Anyway, back to my first boyfriend. He turned out to be quite the entrepreneur.

You might say that we eventually found out that he was in the Importing/Exporting business.

He had access to all of this:

So, he would Import plants to the company truck,

And then Export them to his high school teacher to get a passing grade.

What a winner he was.

So, the truck I saw this morning brought back some Ancient Memories.

First boyfriend stories, anyone??




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