New York City Grocery

12 Feb

In Atlanta, I was accustomed to going to one big store for groceries. One big, gigantic store.

Here in New York City, I go to several small, specialty, neighborhood stores for groceries and provisions. I keep telling my mom about these stores. So today, I will show her.

Mom, here is our Spice Store. We also get a lot of our cheese here. As well as big jugs of olive oil.

Here’s a view of their spices, which you buy in bulk and un-pre-packaged.

At this store, there also lives the fattest cat I have ever seen.

I’d rather not speculate what this cat eats in the Spice Store to make him so fat, thank you very much.

Then, we have our Green Market.

Here’s a view of the inside of the doorway.

And, when you get past that, you see something like this:

Except today, they wouldn’t have watermelons. Instead, they’d have some sort of cold-weather fruit, maybe apples.

It’s basically a big tent. When it rains it gets a little sloppy in there. But they play Sinatra music, so that makes everything okay.

And, they do have the lowest prices around, so that REALLY makes everything okay.

Then, I usually hit the Meat Market.

This place is a little funky. It smells a little funky. And they butcher their own meat, right there in front of you. Nothing hidden or left to the imagination. But, their prices are great. Rumor has it that this block will be torn down for a high rise. I hope not! We’d be losing both the Meat Market and the Green Market. So, I try to appreciate them in all their sloppy, funky glory.

Then, we have our Fish Market. This one I love maybe more than all the rest.

Then finally, we have our neighborhood grocery store. It gets very crowded and they never have enough registers open. And their prices are steep. But again, they are close and we’re happy for that. And, there’s Ella – our friendly cashier.

$5.69 for a box (4 sticks) of Land Of Lakes unsalted butter. How much does that cost in your grocery store?

Ummmmm, butter…. Yum! I’m getting distracted…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this neighborhood tour, Mom!




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