Behind The Scenes, Part 3 (With Kirstie Alley and Tyler Florence!)

10 Feb

Hi there! I think that everyone is enjoying this little segment of my blog called Behind The Scenes. Here’s part 3.

For a pharmaceutical company, we shot on a plane set outside of Los Angeles. Here’s a BTS shot:

Now, take a look at the finished ad:

Here’s when I worked on the shoot with Kirstie Alley for Jenny Craig. We were shooting both a tv commercial and a print ad, so there was a lot going on. On shoots like this, I get my job done but also stay out of the way of the tv crew.

Lots of crew and equipment:

Lines to learn:

The star on set and on monitors:

Kirstie Alley herself!

And, the final ad:

I went to San Francisco to shoot Chef Tyler Florence for Wishbone salad dressing. We shot a print ad and videos for on-line.

Salad prep:

Tyler on set:

The monitors for the video taping:

And, here’s the final ad:

Here I am, with some of our crew – with Mr. Florence. A very nice man.




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