Snapshots From My Work

6 Feb

I work in advertising. Have for many years. While scanning pictures, I have come across some amusing pictures of me or my crew on location.

I thought perhaps I’d share a few here.

Also, in a couple of future posts, I’ll show some “Behind The Scenes” images along with the final ad.


Okay, let’s begin…

Here we are, shooting for a newspaper insert for a store called Uptons. I don’t think they exist anymore. But that’s my dog Annie wearing the antlers. You’ve seen her before (antler-less) in a recent blog. Also of interest – (if I’m not mistaken – this is back in 1987) on the far left that’s Cynthia Bailey, who has had a great career as a “Super Model” and is currently an “Atlanta Housewife”.

Once when we were in Miami shooting a catalog for another department store, Pauly Shore (remember him?) was taping a MTV or VH1 special there on the strip. He saw our set (bright yellow – who could miss it!) and he and his crew came and took over our set. Finally I had to shoo them away so we could continue our shoot. I never did see the special, but all of us on my crew had to sign releases in case we were shown. Did anyone out there see us? This was in 1993. (The picture looks naughty, but that’s just Pauly being Pauly.)

I also used to work a lot with Emme – who became a Super Model and had her own show for a while, and has written a couple of books. She was (and I’m sure still is) a VERY nice woman. She used to bring me a little something (candy, etc.) when we would work together. There she is on the upper-right.

Here we are on a shoot in Lake Placid. We had to fly in this little puddle jumper to get to and from our final destination. That was fun – booking all of the models in and out. The pilot loved it! (No models are in this picture. Don’t want you to get the wrong idea – no “beautiful people” here!)

And, here I am in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado – I’m trying to get a cell signal so I can do my job. In some places – not possible. And look at that clunky phone!

Here’s a fun group shot. We had shot for a uniform company. They manufactured chefs’ uniforms, nurses’ uniforms, etc. At the end of the shoot we each put on a garment for our group shot. I don’t remember what mine was for. But I’m guessing a tropical bar maid or something like that.

Here’s two of my best pals from the “old days” working on a model and her clothes for a fashion editorial.

We’re in Kennebunkport, Maine here. This was on the same trip that I ate many lobsters and had a bad reaction. Yikes – limit the lobsters!

And here’s my favorite male model (on the left), Gary. Another very sweet model. I always enjoyed working with him. Look at that cute face.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me. Next couple of days, I will show some BTS (Behind The Scenes) images along with their final ads.




3 Responses to “Snapshots From My Work”

  1. Johnny D February 8, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

    I like the photo of the 4 people jumping.
    It’s kicky!

  2. sallanscorner February 8, 2011 at 12:32 pm #

    Thanks! Did you know that’s me 2nd from left?



    • Johnny D February 8, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

      I did not know that!

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