Sammy Scare

1 Feb

Thankfully he’s better now, but yesterday we had a major Sammy Scare.

Back a few days ago, Hubby and I thought that Sammy The Cat had caught our cold. He lost his appetite and slept on the sofa on the bed.

When he hunkered down under the bed all night Sunday, we really started to worry. Monday morning we rushed him to our vet where they took X Rays and did blood work, then told us to rush him to the hospital for a blood transfusion.

At the hospital they wrapped him in a heating pad, gave him the transfusion, steroids and antibiotics. He was in shock and they didn’t know if he would last 4 hours. Both his body temperature and his blood pressure were dangerously low, and he was very anemic. Very low red blood cells.

We visited Sammy last night – he was in ICU but so much better. Here he is looking a little feisty.

He kept shaking his paw. He does not like being monitored at all. The technician said that he growled at her (a good sign!). And he was barely tolerating the barking chihuahua named Garbanzo Bean, who was his overnight neighbor.

This morning, the technician says he’s doing very well – signs good and eating again.

Now, to endure some tests to see what caused this. Please send happy, healing thoughts for Sammy The Cat.




One Response to “Sammy Scare”

  1. doose February 1, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    Sammy : Moose and Doose sent you a get well e-card.Hope you get it and hope you are feeling better soon.

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