Farewell, The Minimalist

30 Jan

The New York Times will never be the same.

Wednesday’s Dining section will no longer be what I look forward to on that day’s morn.

The Minimalist has run its last column.

For those of you who do not know The Minimalist, this information may not destroy you. You can, of course, find a treasure trove of past columns, videos and recipes on the internets and in bookstores.

But that there will be no more! My heart is breaking.

The Minimalist is Mark Bittman. Here is the link to his final column from this past Wednesday:


And here is the link to his 25 favorite recipes article:


I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bittman recently at a book signing

I told him that I really enjoyed his short videos, and he said that The Cooking Channel plans to do something with them. Something to look forward to!

Mark Bittman is a man who cooks, travels, produces cookbooks and until last week, writes a weekly food column in The New York Times called “The Minimalist”. He does not call himself a chef. He is an “everyman” who cooks.

As he says of his column, “I described its typical recipes: nearly all of them use minimal technique, minimal time or minimal ingredients; many recipes meet two of those standards, and quite a few all three. The column’s goal, my job, has been to help make home cooking more accessible.”

Hubby and I have several of Mark Bittman’s books. The one we go to time and time again is “How To Cook Everything”.

You can buy it at Amazon.


There is also an app for a digital version of the book (“lite”), if you have an iPhone.

It’s called “How To Cook Everything Essentials” (free) or you can buy the full version for $4.99.

But, I’m not trying to make this a commercial for spending of your hard-earned cash. Just pointing out some options.

I, for one, am going back to the article about his favorite 25 recipes, and am printing out a few.

And, as he says, Mark Bittman is not going away. He will have a column in the Sunday’s paper starting in March. And, if you happen to be in San Francisco anytime soon, in today’s paper, he has an article on some of his favorite Italian restaurants in that wonderful city.


Hm, maybe a good time to plan for a trip to the West coast?




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