Warm, Happy Thoughts

29 Jan

Because we in the Northeast have had so much of this lately

Today I want to offer things that make me feel Warm. And Happy. And maybe a little bit cheesy.

Like a field of never-ending sunflowers, raising their shining faces to the sun. (Oh boy – more than a little cheesy.)

What about a walk down a deserted beach?

Or a picnic outside for the whole neighborhood?

Something as simple as a butterfly…

How about getting a hotdog at the fair?

And riding the Ferris Wheel in the evening…

Sunbathing with your doggy

Admire jellyfish (from afar – don’t get stung!)

You can go to Coney Island

Watch the children play on the Boardwalk

And Froggy too!

An Azalea bush in full bloom

Play in a fountain at dusk

Or watch firworks with friends

Right now, I think any of these things might be preferable to more of this

What do you think?




2 Responses to “Warm, Happy Thoughts”

  1. Johnny D January 31, 2011 at 1:01 pm #

    Nice photos, Sherrie! Did you take them all?

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