The Chompoholic

24 Jan

The other morning, hubby and I woke up to find this strangeness on the kitchen table:

What could have caused this, we pondered…

It was pretty much a big, fat mess. Like a giant snowfall of newspaper bits. All over.

Hmmm. We discussed and examined. Might it have something to do with this?

What is this? Why, it looks like an empty food bowl! Oh, this can only mean trouble. REAL trouble.

It means that Sammy is feeling hunger pangs.

Sammy is not very nice when he feels hunger pangs.

He has a bad habit of chomping on things.

He will chomp on flowers.

He will chomp on boxes.

He will chomp on boxes until they pretty much no longer resemble boxes.

Sammy is, actually, a Chompoholic.

He thinks that he has given us plenty of warning.

We should know by now, after all. We have lived with this beast for 12 years now.

This is what he needs at all times, or else.

He is, after all, a beast.




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