Stand By Me (my version)

7 Jan

This is a story about some kids, and them finding a body.

But first, some background information:

In the woods behind my father’s greenhouses, my friends and I built a treehouse.

We loved to camp out there.

This was when the country was still the country. No neighbors. Dark and spooky.

Then we built a bridge across the nearby stream.

Now the campsite wasn’t quite as isolated. We could drive my Volkswagen Beetle down to the area and have headlights and a quick escape if ever needed. (Am I painting the picture scary enough? Good…)

We even named the pathway, er, road.

Named after my father (Jr) and his father (Sr).

So honored to have a road named after him, my father contributed a small metal shed, which we set up next to the tree house to keep our camping gear in between visits.

We had a pretty good thing going.

One Halloween, we had a party down at the treehouse. We lined the path with torches. I had a mannequin named Ester (pictured here in better times).

For the Halloween party, we put lots of red nail polish on parts of Ester, and scattered some of her limbs along the trail. She looked appropriately dismembered in the torchlight. We also taped some spooky screams, moans and rattling chain sounds, and had that ghostly soundtrack playing in the night. Goosebumps!

The problem is, it started to rain. No one came to our Halloween party. So, that was pretty much a bust. We put the torches and Ester in the shed, locked the doors and called it a night.

Well, we continued to enjoy the treehouse, but over time went out there to camp a bit less and less. The country gradually began to get more populated as neighbors built on property near the woods (this story is beginning to sound more like “Little Home On The Prairie” instead of “Stand By Me”. Focus, SAllan, focus.)

Next, in my dad’s words:

I remember the 2 detectives coming by over at the greenhouses and asking if it would be o.k. if they went back down through the woods. I told them that it would be fine and that I would go with them. I knew that I didn’t have anything to worry about and for some reason I had a feeling that I knew what they were looking for. After getting to the meadow they looked around and then looked into the shed where they saw the bloodied mannequin and I think they may have given out a little laugh. I then explained to them about the Halloween party and the mannequin prop. That seemed to satisfy them, they thanked me and left. I’m sure the boys (I guess) were shocked when they broke into the shed and saw the dead lady all covered in blood.
The cops were serious when they first got there figuring that they were investigating a homicide. After that I put up posted, no trespassing signs.
I never heard any more about it.

(Me again):

So, some neighborhood kids, exploring through the woods, came across our clearing (“The Meadow”), the treehouse and the shed. What a delight that must have been for them! And completely irresistible must have been that shed with the locked doors. Those kids bent the corner of the metal door enough so they could peer inside. There would not have been much light inside of the shed, and I can just imagine them seeing the red-stained body parts in there. I wish that I could have seen them! Screaming and falling all over themselves trying to get out of there! Telling their parents and calling the police. And then my poor dad having to explain about his daughter and her party. Oh boy! Someone should make a movie! 🙂




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