Packing Away Christmas

3 Jan

The worst part about the holidays for me is when they are over and we go back to normal – put away the Christmas things, stow away the gift wrap and recycle the wreath for mulch.

And this.

The cookie jar is empty and needs to be put away, back where it came from.

But, that’s the problem. It came from the kitchen cupboard. And, not that very long ago.

Actually, just a few weeks ago, if that.

But, did it go on this shelf?

I don’t think so…

Maybe here?

Not there, either! What is all this stuff? And, why is so little of it actually kitchen-related stuff?

Last look:

I mean, we do live in a teeny-tiny New York City apartment, but this dang cookie jar came out of this and it’s got to go back in!

I guess it’s time for a little consolidation…




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